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Meet Samaira Ghani

Samaira Ghani (In The Middle)

When did you start your brand?

I started my brand back in 2012. Fashion has always been my main interest since as long as I can remember - any fashion designer will tell you the same. I want to spend my life doing what I love and for me that is fashion design. One of my earliest memories is of my mother doing some basic stitching at home and I always used to help her. I then started to make little tweaks to her outfits and it all just grew from there. Being a fashion designer is hard work but nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone taking pride in a unique piece that I created. The creative industry is also full of so many incredible people who are so much fun to work and grow with. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

What are your inspirations?

I like to find inspiration in everyday things that we can all relate to. There have been times when I’m out having lunch with a friend and I’ll notice shapes in the food that we order. Ultimately, I think nature is one of the biggest influences in any type of design and I have this in mind with me wherever I go. In the winter I like to go to museums and to different exhibitions to soak up the culture. In the summer I prefer to be outdoors which helps me to see things in a different light. My summer collections are more about bright and bold colours. Summer is the time to experiment but my collections still have a contemporary and classic feel to them. 

Where are you based?

I am based in the UK (Midlands)

Do you stock anywhere or have a store?

At the moment i am stocking in Qatar. I don't have a store as i am working from a small a studio and only on appointment base.

Do you take international orders?

Yes I take orders worldwide. I have a huge clientele from USA, Qatar, Dubai and France.

What's your price range?

Prices are various as it depend on what the actual outfit is. starting price for a semi formal is £450-£600, heavy party wear £600-£800 and Bridal really depend on the sketch and how detailed it is.

Whose style do you covet?

Olivia Palermo, love this girl.

What do you hope to achieve in the future?

I just want to focus on moving forward with my brand (SG). With each collection I create, I learn more and I grow as a designer. I want to keep working with the best people and I hope as many people as possible get to experience what I have to offer and eventually to be known as a international fashion designer.


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